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Saginaw Dental Centre | Tooth Fairy Specials | Cambridge
Tooth Fairy Specials

Tooth Fairy Specials Applies to anyone who:

Book Dental Exam 


​We would like for our patients to have a great oral heath and preventive care, Book your complete patient exam and in office teeth cleaning and you will receive Free Teeth Whitening Kit .

Play Sport Games


For our young patients who play team sport games with Mouthguard we will provide them and their team with custom mouthguard at only $50 per child. Practicing safety in sports is very important and we would like to reward those protecting their teeth while playing sports.

Getting Married


​We offer a complimentary teeth polish couple weeks before your wedding day for those who are getting married to congratulate them for the big day.

Quit Smoking


If you quit smoking for a year we will gift you a home bleaching kit​ to congratulate you on your big achievement.

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