Getting ready for a post COVID-19 world

We at Saginaw Dental have always believed in doing everything possible to make sure our patients have the most comfortable, effective and satisfying dental experience possible. We have achieved this through knowledge, training and performing state of the art dental procedures in a relaxed and friendly setting. 

We empower our patients by educating them about their dental options, allowing them to make the best decision for their oral health. Our disinfection and sterilisation meets the Public Health guidelines and goes beyond. 

It doesn't stop there, we make sure that each member of our dental team is happy, healthy and safe. You can only help others smile if you are smiling yourself! But now it's about to get even better. In response to COVID-19  we have undertaken major renovations at our clinic to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.


Staff and patients are screened every day. Each dental operatory will now have doors to ensure minimal risk of aerosol contamination. Each operatory will be outfitted with powerful medical grade HEPA Air purifiers that will sterilise the air in the operatories and reception area within minutes. All our clinical staff will have full PPEs to ensure a safe dental environment for everyone. 

We are taking our excellent standards and making them even better! 

We are presently treating emergencies as per Government guidelines. So feel free to call us at 519-622-8911,  if you have a dental emergency. 

But when we do start regular operation, get ready for a whole new level of safety and comfort. Because at Saginaw Dental Centre we don't just fix your smile, we make you smile!

about us

A Family owned and operated Dental office for your family! Dr Meetu and Dr Tushar Mahendra are a husband wife team who graduated from the University of Toronto together with Honors in 2005. Since then, they have taken thousands of hours of continuing education and perfected their art form, allowing them to provide the best dental care in a  comfortable, friendly patient focused environment! They have been part of the Cambridge community for over 10 years. The professional team at Saginaw Dental would love to help you and your family smile with confidence! We look forward to welcoming you at our office!


Welcoming New Patients

Saginaw Dental Centre is welcoming new patients, Receive a Free take home whitening kit  ($100 Value) when you book a new patient exam and cleaning. Offer only available this month so book your appointment now to enjoy this limited time offer.



Why should patients choose us as their provider instead of others in the area?

Dr. Tushar has been practicing dentistry in Canada for 11 years now. He completed Dental school in India in 2000 and completed a year of residency. After moving to Canada, He spent an additional 2 years re-certifying at UFT. He practices with his wife , Dr Meetu Mahendra who has completed the same dental training. To be able to attend to all their patients needs, both doctors are active and continue to take on more educational courses and training in this field to stay up to date.

What are the top 3 treatments that we focus on?

We love working with kids and helping them overcome any fears or hesitation they have when it comes to dentistry. We love to do dental implant treatments with our patients as we truly believe they are the best option when it comes to replacing missing or broken down teeth. We perform Root Canals painlessly, with many patients falling asleep during the procedure! This is done so we can save and salvage teeth that are important to our patients.

What are we proud of in our practice?

It is an office where the patients and staff come together like one big family. A friendly honest environment, where every staff member knows your name and truly cares about your dental well being. We discuss all treatment options available to our patients and let them make an informed and relaxed decision. Our patients are 100% satisfied with the services we offer, that they are always referencing our clinic to their family and friends.

Which cases do we enjoy treating? Why?

We have several patients that come in nervous, regardless of age, they have a fear from the dentist. Our job to help them overcome this fear and we do it with joy and from the heart. It's a great feeling helping someone overcome a fear and finally get the dental treatment they have always wanted and needed.

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For your convenience and we will email you your appointment confirmation along with directions to our clinic. We will also send you an email reminder before your appointment day.

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