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Emergency Dental Service
Emergency Service

A friend in Need is a friend indeed…

We understand that Dental Emergencies can happen. Most Dental Emergencies are extremely uncomfortable. Call our Emergency Dental Office and we will do our best to get you in the same day to have your Dental issue looked at.  If the Dental Emergency you are dealing with allows for it, and we have the time available, we will also do our best to get your treatment completed the same day. 

If this is an afterhours Dental Emergency, please call our office at 519 622 8911 and follow the directions on our answering machine to get in touch with our Emergency Dentist, Dr. Tushar Mahendra. Please note that over-the-phone prescriptions cannot be made for Narcotics. Patients who have never been to our office before will be required to fill out the New Patient Form online on our website prior to the emergency phone consultation.


We will do our best to get your Dental Emergency resolved as quickly as possible. 

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